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Medical records often provide the foundation for your case. The law recognizes your right to obtain copies of your medical records before a lawsuit is filed. Many times, it is necessary to review a complete copy of the medical records to determine if the care and treatment provided was below the standard of practice.

Obtaining medical records is, many times, a difficult task because health care providers do not provide ALL of the medical records. Many providers, like Kaiser, for example, may keep records in different places. Other providers do not maintain an orderly chart or only provide parts of the chart when copies of medical records are requested.

The Law Offices of Michael Oran recognizes the need to obtain a complete and accurate set of medical records. Unlike most attorneys, we do not rely on an outside copy service where it is just another “job” in line with other requests from other attorneys. Instead, we own a portable copier and, when needed, a member of our staff personally goes to the health care provider to copy the medical records for our clients. We invest our time and energy for this task because we know the components of a medical chart and we can determine if the records provided for copying are incomplete. We go back to the provider, and back again, when necessary, in order to make sure your medical records are complete.

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