Los Angeles Emergency Room Malpractice Lawyer

For many, emergency rooms have become the first line of defense in medical care. In most situations, emergency room providers do a good job responding to the immediate needs of patients who visit the emergency room. However, when emergency room patients do not receive the care they need or do not receive it quickly enough, the results can be serious or deadly.

Attorney Michael Oran has been holding negligent health care practitioners accountable for more than 30 years. He represents individuals in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California who suffered because of emergency room errors, including:

Emergency room health care providers are taught to consider the consequences and potential outcomes of all health care concerns. When they fail to recognize the seriousness of the symptoms presented, these providers need to be held accountable for the harm their carelessness caused. Contact an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process of answering questions and receiving the reasonable compensation as allowed by law. Attorney Michael Oran can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 213-624-1177.

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