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The Law Offices of Michael Oran, A.P.C., accepts cases involving serious injuries, whether involving the brain, the spinal cord, an amputation, burns or some other type of severe injury. These are challenging cases that require the attention of an experienced attorney. Having practiced law in California since 1983, Michael Oran has the experience necessary to get results and the accolades to prove that he can successfully obtain just results for his clients.

Every injury case involves anatomy. An understanding of how the body works, its structures and function are essential to effective representation. Depending on the needs of your case, Mr. Oran works with medical and nursing consultants who assist in the research and analysis of the medical issues to ensure a sound presentation on your behalf.

There For You When And Where You Need Us

When you hire the Law Offices of Michael Oran, A.P.C., your calls will be returned, your emails will be responded to and you will know what is happening in your case. Mr. Oran’s office is in downtown Los Angeles, close to the state and federal courthouses.

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Call toll free at 855-700-2913, locally at 213-624-1177 or email the firm to schedule your free initial consultation with Los Angeles injury law attorney Michael Oran.

Helping victims of Medical Malpractice in Los Angeles find answers for over 30 years.

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Mr. Oran is a very nice man. I contacted his firm to see about getting representation for a case. It might not end up working out that I have a solid case but he was so genuine regarding my situation. He displayed real empathy. It's been a difficult journey and I really appreciated the time he took to speak with me with no gain on his part. God forbid I need an attorney again. But, if I do, he'd be the first one I contact.

Rochelle F

I would highly recommend Mr. Oran to anyone needing a caring and competent attorney...He does not hide behind email or voice mail and is very accessible to respond to any and all questions and concerns...It would be difficult to explain the amount of compassion and care with which Mr. Oran treats each client...I highly recommend Michael Oran, Esq. to anyone in need of a good lawyer and wish him continued success in the future.

Verified Client

I am so fortunate to have been referred to Michael to handle my personal injury case. He and his team handled my matter with great compassion and professionalism from start to finish... It is with much gratitude and confidence that I would recommend the Law Offices of Michael Oran.

Rick M.

I am blown away by Michael’s integrity and all the hard work he did on my behalf. I found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and experienced... He was always very direct with me. I highly recommend Mr. Michael Oran.

Thomas W.

A lawyer friend of mine referred me to Michael Oran to handle my personal injury case, for which I will be eternally grateful. Car accidents and injuries can be extremely stressful, but Mr. Oran and his staff went above and beyond... I've never met a lawyer like him and I cannot recommend him enough.

Jeff L.

Schedule A Consultation — No Fees Unless We Recover

Some attorneys turn cases down without telling potential clients why. All lawyers have their own standards and perspectives for the cases they accept. One attorney may turn a case down, and another lawyer may obtain a favorable settlement. Michael Oran may have different experience and perspective than other attorneys you have talked to, and his experience may mean he is willing to take your case.

Even if another lawyer turned your case down, you may still be able to receive compensation.

Learn more about counsel the firm provides by scheduling a free initial consultation. Michael Oran can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 213-624-1177. Se Habla Español.