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Attorney Michael Oran is committed to providing quality legal services to injured people in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Each case that the Law Offices of Michael Oran, A.P.C., accepts is personally handled by Michael Oran. He works closely with clients to ensure they understand the process and feel confident with his representation.

Unlike many other lawyers, Michael rarely promotes the results he achieves for his clients. Because each case is unique, the numbers mean nothing without an explanation of the facts, damages and legal issues. Michael focuses on making sure clients understand the reasons for their results.

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Michael Oran

Michael Oran has 30 years of legal experience, and he has run his own firm for the last 15 years. The insurance companies and their lawyers know that Michael will try a case if a fair and just settlement is not reached.

Learn more about the representation an experienced lawyer can provide by scheduling a free initial consultation. The Law Offices of Michael Oran, A.P.C., can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 213-454-0002.

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