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When A Serious Medical Condition Goes Undiagnosed

Symptoms. Examinations. Tests. Health care providers are trained to take this information, consider the possibilities and make a diagnosis. If a medical condition is misdiagnosed or, worse yet, not diagnosed and the patient is sent home with the understanding that there is nothing wrong, problems can arise.

When it comes to serious medical conditions like obstructions, cancer, stroke and heart attack, there is often a narrow window for successful treatment. The hours, days, weeks and months that pass without proper treatment could mean the difference between complete recovery, limited recovery or, worse, no recovery and death. When there is a delay in treatment because of a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis, the health care provider can be held responsible.

The Law Offices of Michael Oran, A.P.C., is dedicated to seeking compensation for people who missed probable recovery opportunities when a timely diagnosis would have made a difference. Attorney Michael Oran brings more than 30 years of experience to these cases. This experience has taught him how to overcome the many challenges that can arise along the way.

Who Is To Blame For The Misdiagnosis?

Mr. Oran handles cases involving misdiagnosis of all serious medical conditions. Among the most common is failure to diagnose cancer in some form such as breast cancer, colon cancer or lung cancer. He also investigates claims involving emergency room misdiagnosis, in which patients are sent home untreated for heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions.

In building these cases, Mr. Oran knows that a lawyer must conduct a thorough investigation. Did the doctor fail to order the proper tests? Were the tests conducted improperly? Did the doctor misread radiological results or other test results? He will find out what happened and take the appropriate action to seek compensation for the victim.

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