Family files lawsuit alleging elderly relative was abused

In Los Angeles, and throughout the state of California, one of the most difficult decisions a family has to make is how to deal with a family member who needs rehabilitative care. When a loved one is in a facility of this kind, the worst case scenario for these families is if there is medical malpractice, a nursing home error or some form of abuse occurring. If this is happening or there is a suspicion that it has happened, it’s important that the family know how to move forward with an investigation and a possible lawsuit.

A family has filed litigation after their 85-year-old relative was allegedly harmed at a rehabilitation hospital. According to the case, the woman was subject to neglect and assault when she was at the facility in October. There is also an accusation that the hospital tried to cover up what occurred. The woman had a fractured leg and was going to be an outpatient. She claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a male member of the staff. An investigation was conducted by law enforcement and no arrest has been made yet. The facility is denying the charges made in the legal filing.

Medical mistakes can take many forms from the wrong medication to an error during surgery to overt physical or sexual abuse. Even if there is evidence that this has been happening, a full investigation must be conducted to determine the facts. A person can be severely hurt or even killed with these types of incidents. People go to medical facilities for care. If they are deprived of the proper care for one reason or another and suffer injuries or death as a result, the family has a right to pursue compensation.

In this incident, the family of the elderly woman asserts that she was sexually abused and that the rehabilitation center took steps to cover it up. When there is a case involving nursing home error or abuse at a facility, it’s imperative that there be a comprehensive investigation to discover the facts.

Source:, “Fresno hospital disputes allegation of elder abuse cover-up,” Hannah Esqueda, Dec. 24, 2014

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