When Are Hospitals Liable for Elder Abuse?

When Are Hospitals Liable for Elder Abuse?

Liability can be a complex matter, especially in the medical world. Most forms of medical care pose at least a small risk, so ethical healthcare facilities take care to receive informed consent from all patients before performing most procedures. As such, medical malpractice plaintiffs must demonstrate that they either did not consent to a procedure […]

California-Based Hospital Agrees to $90 Million Settlement After Whistleblower Lawsuit

sutter health settles $90 million lawsuit

Sutter Health, a California-based hospital operator, has just agreed to a $90 million settlement regarding claims that it overcharged the federal government by misrepresenting the needs of patients using private Medicare Advantage plans. This settlement is the result of a 2015 whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former employee of a Sutter Health affiliate. It’s the […]

Orange County Nurse Arrested For Elder Abuse And Sexual Assault

elder abuse by male nurse in orange county california

A California emergency room nurse has been arrested and charged with elder abuse and sexual assault against patients at his hospital in Orange County. The nurse faces accusations from three different women, ages 22 through 68. They report that he sexually assaulted them while waiting for emergency treatment at the Providence Mission Hospital. Sexual assault […]

Some of the most pressing patient safety challenges

  Earlier this month, the editors of Becker’s Infection Control & Clinical Quality published an important analysis concerning patient safety. Specifically, the editors chose what they believe to be the 10 most important patient safety matters that medical providers should focus on during 2017. Interestingly, the editors did not order these patient safety challenges from […]

Malpractice crisis? ‘It’s never been better for insurers’

To believe certain politicians, one would think medical schools were shutting down and doctors were abandoning the profession to become Wal-Mart greeters. Some want to push for “tort reform” due to the looming “crisis.” This is remarkable in view of the facts. In 2016, according to one survey of doctor salaries, the lowest average compensation went […]

Nursing home error with medication invites federal intervention

Nursing home patients in California and all throughout the country are trusting their care providers when it comes to just about every aspect of their lives. Few things are more imperative to a nursing home resident than their medications, receiving it when they are supposed to and in its proper dose. This is what makes […]

New rules meant to reduce nursing home error and other issues

In Los Angeles and throughout the country, it is a difficult decision that people have to make to place a loved one in a nursing home. If a person needs medical attention on a regular basis and long-term care, it is often for the best for the family and for the patient. The idea behind […]

How often does nursing home error lead to residents falling?

For people in Los Angeles, the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is not an easy one. There are numerous issues that must be considered when an elderly or infirm person has reached the level at which he or she cannot be cared for at home. It is often an unavoidable […]

Study shows troubling amount of hospital negligence in CA

When a person goes into a hospital in California, there is enough to worry about with the illness or medical issue without having to think about mistakes of one form or another being made. However, it is a prevalent problem in the state for medical negligence to result in mistakes, patient injury, and increased medical […]

What are signs of California elder abuse?

The best case scenario for the aging population in Los Angeles will be to have a healthy life and not need to be cared for, even in their later years. Often, however, elderly people need to be watched and assisted to make certain they do not injure themselves or get hurt through a lack of […]