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Birth Injuries Archives

Misuse of medication during delivery cited in malpractice lawsuit

Advances made in obstetrical science in recent years have offered up several solutions that have helped to decrease the risk of serious complications involving both mothers and babies in Los Angeles during the delivery process significantly. However, these new techniques must be carefully administered and monitored as they often involve prompting chemical and biophysical reactions in the mother’s body to assist with delivery. These changes may cause stress on an unborn baby, which necessitates the need for monitoring so that more aggressive interventions may be taken should the situation call for it.

What is Erb's palsy?

Couples in the Los Angeles area who are having a baby are undoubtedly excited, but that does not diminish the reality that there are potential dangers to the health of the newborn. These can arise without warning and happen during the delivery process. One potential issues is Erb's palsy. For parents who suspect that their baby suffered injuries at birth resulting in Erb's palsy, it is important to know the details as to how it happened.

Birth injuries after missed signs of fetal distress

Couples in Los Angeles who are careful about the upcoming birth of a child are not immune to the possibility of a negligent doctor making an error that leads to birth injuries. Knowing the signs of fetal distress is part of the process to preventing birth injuries and any other issues from harming the infant. However, if there were signs of fetal distress and the medical professionals failed to act accordingly, it is important to know how to proceed.

Understanding dangers of C-sections in the delivery process

When women in Los Angeles have a baby, many of them prefer to move forward with the natural form of childbirth. In some cases, however, there are reasons that a doctor will want to perform a Cesarean section. It might be due to the health of the baby and mother or there might be a desire on the part of the mother to have the procedure done. While this is a common operation, there are still known dangers for both the mother and infant. These must be considered if something goes wrong.

What are possible complications from premature birth?

Parents in Los Angeles who are preparing for the birth of a baby have it in mind that it will take nine months for the baby to be born. If it is a normal, healthy pregnancy, this is customary. However, there are times when a baby is born prematurely. There could be a number of reasons for this including a negligent doctor. Understanding the potential complications of a premature birth is important when caring for the child and knowing whether or not it could have been prevented.

What are CA placental abruptions and why are they dangerous?

There is an undeniable excitement when a woman is having a baby in Los Angeles. That, however, can be tempered if there is a possible medical issue that might have been missed by the doctor or was improperly treated. Many problems can arise during pregnancy. One of the most damaging and dangerous is placental abruptions. Knowing how and why this can happen will provide information as to whether or not a negligent doctor or medical staff could have done something about it, before it caused injury to the baby and mother and resulted in the need for long-term care.

Legal help with a birth injury case in Los Angeles

For people in Los Angeles, one of the most exciting moments of their lives is when they are told they are going to have a child. No matter the amount of time they take preparing for the special moment, nothing can prepare a parent for the possibility that the baby will suffer from a birth injury. These types of issues can arise for a multitude of reasons. In some instances, they are congenital and there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. In others, there is an error on the part of the medical professionals who have been entrusted with the health of the baby.

What treatments are available for someone with Erb's palsy?

A California family dealing with a diagnosis of Erb's palsy may worry about the long-term effects of the condition on a child. The birth injury involves nerve damage suffered during the labor and delivery process, typically the result of an infant's neck being stretched. The severity of the condition may determine the prognosis, providing direction for early treatment and possible later surgeries.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

California parents may know that cerebral palsy is a multi-faceted group of disorders that may affect a child's motor skills, balance, intellectual development, speech, vision and hearing. CCP is divided into four categories: spastic, ataxic, dyskinetic and mixed. The classification refers to the type of muscle problem associated with each form. The degree of symptomatic expression varies and reflects the degree of injury. Most cases occur due to oxygen deprivation before birth or shortly after delivery.

Brachial plexus injuries may be prevented

As some California parents may know, brachial plexus injuries may happen during childbirth. As the child moves through the birth canal, his or her shoulders become trapped, and the effort used to free them might cause a brachial plexus injury that may interfere with nerve signals from the spinal cord to the shoulder, arm and hand. While minor brachial plexus injuries may resolve with time, injuries that are more serious might require surgery.

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