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For people in Los Angeles, one of the most exciting moments of their lives is when they are told they are going to have a child. No matter the amount of time they take preparing for the special moment, nothing can prepare a parent for the possibility that the baby will suffer from a birth injury. These types of issues can arise for a multitude of reasons. In some instances, they are congenital and there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. In others, there is an error on the part of the medical professionals who have been entrusted with the health of the baby.

After the baby has been found to suffer a birth injury, the parents will be seeking answers as to how it could have happened. There are many reasons why a medical mistake could lead to these problems. The doctors might not have administered the proper medication to the mother in its accurate dosage. A C-section might have been required to make sure both mother and baby were safe and it was not done.

The baby could have had its shoulder pressed up against the mother’s pelvic bone leading to a doctor using various forms of equipment to try and deliver the baby. In the process, the baby might have suffered shoulder dystocia and eventually Erb’s palsy. While most births go off without a hitch, the ones that don’t go as planned can lead to parents having a baby that will require long-term care and treatment. The medical expenses can be astronomical as can the personal sacrifices.

Parents who were planning to have a family are often blindsided when a baby has injuries that were suffered at birth. In their despair they do not think that there was the possibility that a medical mistake was what led to the baby’s issues. It is important that a full investigation be conducted to determine the cause and gather evidence. To protect their interests, the first call they make should be to a legal professional experienced in pursuing a birth injury case.

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