Medical Bills & Injury Lawsuits: What To Know About Letters Of Protection

letter of protection

If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you’ve probably considered a personal injury lawsuit. A successful case can help you recover the cost of your medical bills, especially if you’re uninsured or underinsured. In circumstances like those, it’s not unusual to sign a letter of protection (LOP) promising to […]

Hospital malpractice issues in California

Although a hospital stay may be necessary for planned or unexpected health care needs, the environment can be overwhelming due to the many professionals and support staff involved in your care or that of a loved one. Standards are typically implemented to ensure that all who contribute to your care are working toward the same […]

California lawsuit allowed to proceed in salmonella case

At the center of a Santa Clara County lawsuit is a young child who contracted salmonella in a local hospital. According to the suit, the child’s mother believes that the intestinal disorder spread in the nursery, ultimately infecting several infants. The hospital filed a motion to dismiss the suit, but a judge allowed it to […]

Preventing future medical misdiagnoses

Although the rates of some diagnostic errors have shrunk over the past few decades, the categories of missed diagnoses remain consistent; cardiovascular diseases, cancers and infectious diseases experience the highest rates of misdiagnosis. A diagnosis of a medical condition that is overlooked, incorrect or otherwise delayed can lead to harmful or ineffective treatment. In severe […]

Key questions California residents need to ask doctors

Even though most doctors may not actually lie to their patients, some of them may not always be completely straightforward about issues that could be damaging to their patients’ health. Among the most commonly avoided topics, according to a diagnostic radiologist, are the increased likelihood of complications with elective surgeries performed at certain times on […]

Meta-analysis details commonly misdiagnosed illnesses

Some conditions are not diagnosed for years with little to no ill-effects for those who have them, but there are a number that are commonly misdiagnosed and can have adverse for the individuals who are left unaware of them. For instance, some medical symptoms are so common that doctors sometimes fail to connect them to […]

Woman sues hospital after surgery mistake

A California woman recently filed a lawsuit against Simi Valley Hospital after it was discovered that a sponge left in her abdomen from a 2007 hysterectomy surgery resulted in the removal of a portion of her intestines. In addition to the hospital, the surgeon and radiologist involved in prior check-ups were also named as defendants […]

ER doc turned patient found focus on test results fallible

Patient-centered care is a term that seems to get thrown around a lot, but how often is it actually practiced? The term implies that the patient is an integral part of the care process, not simply the subject of a treatment plan. It is something that an emergency department doctor mistakenly thought had become the […]

Los Angeles C-section rates vary from 11 to 55 percent

Parents start caring for their children well before they are even born. After news of conception, a mother will start watching what she eats and take prenatal vitamins to ensure that the fetus has everything it needs to grow into a healthy baby. Although a dad can’t ultimately control the nutrition, he might drive a […]