What Counts as Medical Malpractice?

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There’s a reason that medical settings are so commonly used in horror movies. The idea that a physician could harm you is a very real fear for many people. Unfortunately, it’s also a common problem in real life. While real healthcare professionals aren’t likely to act like protagonists of a horror franchise, they can and […]

Experts Predict Pandemic-Driven Rise In Medical Malpractice Claims In 2022

medical malpractice claims increasing in 2022 due to covid

According to medical and legal experts, it’s time to expect a surge of medical malpractice lawsuits. Now that the pandemic is starting to come under control, many professionals predict rising medical accidents and lawsuits about those accidents. But why? Many factors are in play: patients returning to medical facilities, doctors being overworked, and medical facilities […]

MICRA Modifications May Remove Medical Malpractice Settlement Caps

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When it comes to medical malpractice, a single piece of legislation rarely affects the entire field at once. Many legislative works cover specific conditions or types of malpractice, not the concept as a whole. That’s why a new California ballot measure just approved for 2022 is so important. The ballot measure is intended to modify […]

Veterans Can Now Sue VA For Medical Malpractice

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You put a lot of faith in medical professionals like surgeons, doctors, and nurses to take care of your health. If a medical professional doesn’t live up to the high standards they are required to meet and hurts you, then you’re entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, 9 million Armed Forces veterans had […]

3000 Mistakes: How a Single Impaired Doctor Ruined Lives

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You trust your healthcare team to make crucial decisions regarding your life and wellbeing. Good medical professionals respect that trust. Doctors even take the Hippocratic oath: “I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm,” which is often summarized as “First, do no harm.” The problem is that not all doctors respect that. In fact, […]