Legal help with a birth injury case in Los Angeles

For people in Los Angeles, one of the most exciting moments of their lives is when they are told they are going to have a child. No matter the amount of time they take preparing for the special moment, nothing can prepare a parent for the possibility that the baby will suffer from a birth […]

What treatments are available for someone with Erb’s palsy?

A California family dealing with a diagnosis of Erb’s palsy may worry about the long-term effects of the condition on a child. The birth injury involves nerve damage suffered during the labor and delivery process, typically the result of an infant’s neck being stretched. The severity of the condition may determine the prognosis, providing direction […]

What is Cerebral Palsy?

California parents may know that cerebral palsy is a multi-faceted group of disorders that may affect a child’s motor skills, balance, intellectual development, speech, vision and hearing. CCP is divided into four categories: spastic, ataxic, dyskinetic and mixed. The classification refers to the type of muscle problem associated with each form. The degree of symptomatic […]

Brachial plexus injuries may be prevented

As some California parents may know, brachial plexus injuries may happen during childbirth. As the child moves through the birth canal, his or her shoulders become trapped, and the effort used to free them might cause a brachial plexus injury that may interfere with nerve signals from the spinal cord to the shoulder, arm and […]