Recent Trends and Developments in Medical Malpractice Law

The landscape of medical malpractice law is continually evolving, shaped by legislative reforms, technological advancements in healthcare, and changing societal norms. These shifts are profoundly impacting the way malpractice claims...

Do You Have a Faulty Medical Implant?

Medical implants have revolutionized healthcare, providing patients with improved quality of life and enhanced health treatments. However, when these implants turn faulty, it can lead to severe complications, often resulting...

Medical errors are going down

A report released in December 2014 has found that preventable errors in hospitals, such as drug mistakes, bed sores and infections, were reduced by 17

Hospital malpractice issues in California

Although a hospital stay may be necessary for planned or unexpected health care needs, the environment can be overwhelming due to the many professionals and

What is a pulmonary embolism?

Residents of California may know that pulmonary embolism is caused by a blot clot that may become lodged in the pulmonary arteries and restrict blood

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